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This took forever...but I realized I needed to do it because as it is, my fics are scattered and badly tagged.

You can go to soapboxblues and find my master fic list, but if you're lazy (like me) I've put it here.

Lost Fics


the secret's in the telling
the irony of it drums against her temple to an erratic beat. Aaron is born to her from the same callus hands that denied her
lost. post s4. sawyer/kate. references to jack/kate.
1,313 words. pg-13.

follow you, follow me
'you'll be in my heart' plays in the grocery store and she barely makes it out of there before collapsing in a pile of tears.
lost. post s4. sawyer/kate references to jack/kate. pg-13.

a house down the road from real love
This island -- it always did well with dragging demons out of closets
lost. post s4. reunion fic. sawyer/kate aaron.
1594 words. pg-13.

our limit for great expectations
She thinks maybe he knows her well enough for the both of them.
lost. post s4. reunion fic. sawyer/kate. kate.
1656 words. pg-13.
Link: here

maybe you're all i need
"I abandon a child. You steal one." He smirks, "The world balances itself out, Freckles."
lost. post s4. reunion fic. sawyer/kate. sawyer.
2646 words. pg-13.
Link: here

a pawn in a stalemate
she believes in more than just metaphorical walls. Unfortunately, he doesn't care for privacy. .
lost. post s4. sawyer/kate. sawyer.
372 words. pg-13.

grown-up orphans
Kate smiled, as if a reflex. "We're all suffering, James...In case you forgot."
lost. post s4. sawyer/kate. kate. references to sawyer/juliet and jack/kate
1817 words. pg-13.

lather, rinse, repeat (and never come clean)
she thinks how easy it would be to just reach out and touch him
lost. sawyer/kate
1194 words, pg-13
Link: here


we work better backwards
Even as she speaks, he can't believe he actually opened his mouth to refute the whole "issues with letting go" thing.
lost. post s4. jack/juliet. references to jack/kate and sawyer/kate.
2168 words. pg-13.
Link: here

second the motion
to him, vows are just words
lost. s5 spoilers. jack/juliet. jack.
419 words. pg.

to keep from idle hands
Juliet has always prided herself on her knack for patience.
lost. post island. slight au. jack/juliet. juliet.
702 words. pg.

bury me in honor
He's never been good with trusting people. She's never been good at giving people a reason to trust her. It's a mine waiting to explode.
lost. post S5. jack/juliet. jack.
1059 words. pg-13.

miles from where we came
five times a child changed their lives
lost. alt!universe. jack/juliet
2808 words. pg-13


you knew the hand of the devil
he knows his weakness. it's always been Richard.
lost. richard/jacob. jacob.
3157 words. pg-13
Link: here

the road to hell is paved with good intentions
Like Richard, he is just a pawn, and even with Jacob gone, this game is far from over
lost. jacob's enemy. richard. jack. jacob/richard undertones.
743 words. pg
Link: here

immortality weighs on you
in the end, everything ends - whether it wants to or not
lost. jacob/richard
200 words, pg
Link: here

lightning in a bottle
according to the laws of nature, it's long overdue
lost. jacob/richard
1667 words. pg
Link: here

lay your weary head to rest
with every give, there's a take
lost. jacob/ricard
2039 words, pg-13
Link: here

Aaron Littleton, Clementine Ford, Ji Yeon Kwon, etc.

we'll build in sonnets pretty rooms
Aaron leans forward, his forehead pressing against hers. "My home is here with you."
lost. future fic. aaron/ji yeon. references to sun/sayid.
4281 words. pg-13
part one//part two

the world will break your heart
While Ji Yeon plants, Clementine smokes.
lost. au future fic. clementine, ji yeon. references to sawyer/kate.
2890 words. pg-13.
link: here

paper covers rock
This is the girl he'll spend the rest of his life worrying about. This is not the girl he's marrying.
lost. future fic. aaron, aaron/clementine, aaron/ji yeon
3511 words. pg-13.
link: here

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
between the lines: The Island is the villain, and he's all powerful and all knowing, and out of God's reach.
lost. post s4. aaron/ji yeon. aaron. ji yeon. the island.
603 words. pg-13.


placebo effect
it starts with "I have a favor to ask." and ends with her hand clenced around a loaded 8mm.
lost. post s4. kate austen. references to sawyer/kate and jack/kate.
Link: here

five people charlie pace visits while dead, and the one who comes to him
it doesn't start with charlie travelling the world to instill fear...no it starts with a promise
lost. post s4. charlie pace. charlie/claire
Link: here

oh what a tangled we we weave
love is fickle. don't let anyone tell you otherwise
lost. s4 spoilers. jack, kate, sawyer, juliet.
1,131 words. pg-13.
Link: here

those star crossed lovers had nothing on us
During this time, they would make do with a mix of self taught higher education and carnal pleasure. The best of both of their worlds.
lost. post s4. sawyer/juliet. References to jack/juliet and sawyer/kate.
1590 words. pg-13.
Link: here

subjective validation
The world wasn't that simple. It preffered chaos.
lost. post island. kate. references to sawyer/kate & jack/kate.
1914 words. pg.
link: here

once more, with feeling
his voice doesn't waver, but his hand squeezes her knee a little harsher than he meant to, and she understands. she can feel enough fear for both of them.
lost. post 5x01/5x02. richard/juliet. juliet.
657 words. pg-13.

they know not what they do (and neither do I)
yes, she realizes that just proves she is the worst person to be raising this child. But if they don't see that, oh well.
lost. s5 spoilers. kate. aaron.
780 words. pg-13
Link: here

the center cannot hold
They say right before you die, everything flashes before your eyes. Daniel, who forgets words, forgets names, forgets entire experiences, sometimes wishes he could get to this place.
lost. s5 spoilers & spec. daniel. eloise. charles widmore. desmond.
1258 words. pg-13
Link: here

chasing our tails
They'll all whisper his name in hell. Lucky for him, those are the whispers he cannot hear.
lost. character death. richard. alex.
1238 words. pg.
Link: here

five stages of grief
five bittersweet reunions that are more bitter than sweet
lost. desmond/claire. sun/jin. cassidy/kate. jack/juliet. sawyer/kate
1310 words. pg
Link: here

this town wasn't built for happy endings
Alex can't remember those first four years.Richard likes to pretend he doesn't either.
lost. richard. alex
820 words. pg-13
Link: here

written in blood
five cases demonstrating how predestination is a family affair (or why the best cowboys have daddy issues)
lost. ensemble
2743 words. pg
Link: here

live by the pen, die by the pen
wouldn’t it be something if the pen he used to sign his life away at eight was the same one he used to sign away his life at thirty-six
lost. sawyer.
598 words. pg
Link: here

fire on the hill
she has spent her entire marriage looking for her husband.
lost. sun kwon (sun/jin)
237, pg
Link: here

people for miles
it won't be long before they're together again
lost. charlie, charlie/claire
265, pg

it builds before it drops off
it's a hundred bodies that can be accounted for that lead a path to the one that can't
lost. sayid jarrah
1024 words, pg-13
Link: here

the rain may yet was away sins
for a second, all their sins are forgotten
lost. kate/juliet
1163 words, pg-13
Link: here

drabbles for lost_in_108

a thousand bodies build a throne (richard, jacob)
out damned spot (ji yeon, aaron)
the illusion never fades (kate)
if the bottle won't kill you (desmond, charlie)
goodbye stranger (jack, claire)
death did not become you (jack/juliet)
idioms for future consideration (sawyer/kate)
the dice were loaded from the start (jack/juliet)
burned by our sins (jack/sawyer)
baby steps (jack/juliet)
your fathers all died in the war (clementine, jack)

Harry Potter

she's curing soap box blues
he doesn't bother asking how she knew what no one else had even considered. the answer is too painful to warrant repeating.
harry potter. harry, luna
2193 words, pg-13
Link: here

decay of your golden city
it's a hundred bodies that can be accounted for that lead a path to the one that can't
harry potter. harry/hermione
1706 words, pg-13
Link: here

the seventh day
Saving the world has put his life into perspective...or turned him into a short sighted bastard
harry potter. harry/hermione
630 words, pg-13
Link: here

someday you'll get your happy ending
summers will always miserable, but she's teaching him that things can change
harry potter. harry. harry/luna
3107 words, pg-13
Link: here


in the name of love
she made him believe in romance and in hope and faith and the idea that love would come through and fix everything.
heroes. character death. peter/claire. peter.
1238 words. pg.
Link: here

Title: To Love a Petrelli
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Nathan Petrelli, Peter/Claire.
Warnings: Incest. No real spoilers.
Genre: Angst
Summary: "I’m just trying to make sense of it." "Seventeen years and it still makes no fucking sense to me, kid," Nathan says as he sits down at his desk, the picture of Marie’s mother staring him in the face. "Her name was Claire, and that’s all I can tell you."
Link: To Love a Petrelli

Title: 1,001 Words
Pairing: Peter/Claire
Word Count: 1,725
Rated: PG
Summary: They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but I found a thousand and one in yours.
Warning: No spoilers...unless you don’t know Peter and Claire are related in which case...dude, get the DVDs
Link: 1,001 Words

Title: Light Surrounding You
Pairing: Peter/Claire undertones
Word Count: 2,783
Rating: T
Summary: A flash of blonde hair, a trembling hand holding a gun and haunting blue green eyes. That's all he can remember. Spoilers up to 2.02.
Status: Oneshot-Completed
Link: Light Surrounding You

Title: The Five Times Nathan Said ‘I Love You’ and the One Time He Wished He Had
Author: angeldylan628, Christina
Character(s)/Pairing: Nathan Petrelli (with Peter and Claire and others...)
Rating: PG
Summary: A series of snapshots involving Nathan and the ones he loves.
Link: The Five Times Nathan Said 'I Love You' and the One Time He Wished He Had

Title: The Line
Pairing/Characters: Matt/Mohinder w/ Molly
Rating: PG-13...I think I dropped the F-Bomb in here.
Summary: They’re both not sure how they came to this because there was never a sudden moment of clarity. Hell, the first time they met Mohinder hit him with a fire extinguisher. Not the most romantic of gestures, but definitely something to share with the grandkids.
Link: The Line

Title: What Fools These Mortals Be
Fandom: Heroes
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,412
Character(s),Pairing(s): Nathan/Niki, Peter/Claire, Matt/Mohinder & Hiro
Summary: Hiro has never been the greatest at picking up on subtleties. Nathan calls him naïve for it. But honestly, he’s always been much more of a grand gesture kind of person when it came to love. (1,000 paper cranes in Texas ring a bell?).
Link: here


sugar pills in snowfall
it's the repetition that kills them
heroes/lost. kate/mohinder. kate/sylar
1935 words. pg-13
link: here

Miscellaneous Fics

Nothing Good Comes in Excess
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Characters/Pairing(s): Julie Taylor, Tim/Julie
Word Count: 176
Link: here

Fire & Ice
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Characters/Pairing(s): Lyla Garrity, Tim/Lyla, some Jason/Lyla
Word Count: 473
Link: here

Counting Sheep
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/Pairing: Jacob, Jacob/Bella
Word Count:502
Link: here

All of my One Tree Hill fics can be found here



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