i'm a paper doll you can tear me up

we'll be the broken lovers with the poison cup

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story of a girl;
24. writer. spiritual. neither liberal nor conservative these days, but still exhausted by the world. cynical realist. brutally honest italian-american. independent thinker. easily annoyed by humanity. always a little stronger than i was yesterday.
the fandoms;
of the present: game of thrones, harry potter, fringe, soap operas (the ABC three & a bit of Days), grey's anatomy, supernatural, criminal minds, community, the vampire diaries, bones, true blood, ncis, glee, the good wife & any movie where there's bromance that hinges on ample amounts of gay subtext. of the past: er, fnl, lost, one tree hill, heroes & oz.
limiting myself to the top 15 of the moment since my tastes change with the wind: sawyer/kate, lucas/peyton, morgan/reid, eric/sookie, dan/blair, troy&abed, alt!charlie/olivia, harry/luna, cary/kalinda, will/alicia, remus/sirius, robb/theon, ryan/miguel, carter/abby, & rachel/puck

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